Few sectors of the healthcare market are undergoing as much change and uncertainty as the medical equipment segment. Accreditation and competitive bidding have effected every business in one way or another and the growth of HMO payers and their lower reimbursement structures have made everyone look for new ways of doing business.

It does not matter if your business focuses just on a few product categories or if you operate a full line provider, many of the same problems exist: more complex billing requirements, shrinking reimbursement, uncertainty about future government changes and numerous other concerns. Medical Supplies Depot can help you save money on the items you are currently buying to help make your business more profitable in your core markets and we can also help you expand into new segments such as the retail market to increase your cash sales.

The next time you are worried about where the durable medical market is headed, do yourself a favor and call Medical Supplies Depot. We have a great deal of experience helping medical equipment providers and would love to help you.

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